We have an OfficeServ 7200, when a call is ringing in you get the CLI of the person that calls you but when you answer the call the number goes and the timer shows, can we leave the number on the display and not the timer?

Yes you can, you can turn the timer off on a per extension basis, on each phone you want to remove the timer you need to program as follows, the feature is listed on the phone as “NOT CONT.CID”

Steps to allowing a number to stay on the display for the OfficeServ 7200

1. Press the [Transfer] button.
2. Press [1] [1] [0].
3. To take the timer off, press [1] [4] [0], to put the timer back press [1] [4] [1]
4. Save the selected entry by pressing the [Transfer] button.

Now when a call is answered the CLI information or the CLI name in the translation table, will remain in the display.


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