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Samsung SVMi 16 Voicemail

The Samsung Voicemail family (SVM) is a powerful messaging solution that delivers benefits to any working environment and becomes an investment, not a cost. The Samsung Voicemail family consists of 4 members, the SVM400, SVMi2, SVMi4 and the SVMi8. Providing 2 to 8 ports of voicemail for the range of Samsung Communication systems.Personalised Voicemail
Samsung Voicemail offers advanced call facilities ensuring fast adoption by your employees for communication with customer and each other. Users can record their own personal greetings, forward messages to other colleagues and even record conversations, ideal for more personal reminders and training purposes.

We understand that systems need to be user friendly in order for clients to reap the benefits of their telephone system, which is why Samsung Voicemail receive navigation tips with both voice instructions and screen prompts.

The SVM can then alert users to new messages via a message waiting lamp or the LCD screen of their digital keyphone with the user able to identify the date and time each message has been recorded.

The SVM can then alert users to new messages via a message waiting lamp or the LCD screen of their digital keyphone with the user able to identify the date and time each message has been recorded.

Auto Attendant – your 24 Hour Receptionist
With the SVM you can be sure that incoming calls are never kept waiting to be answered. The Auto Attendant can answer multiple calls simultaneously, even giving each call an individual greeting. Auto Attendant can in effect create a simple contact centre structure within your organisation, allowing you to route calls for individual extensions or departments as the caller makes their selection.

External callers are prompted by the Auto Attendant to dial for direct connection to the correct person without the need for the receptionist to handle the call. However if no extension number is dialled within the specified time, the call will be automatically connected to the receptionist or another specified extension.

The SVM Auto Attendant can also be customised for up to 4 time periods to truly reflect the individual nature of your working patterns e.g. daytime, evening, weekends and holiday periods.

Be out of the office – but not out of reach
For busy people who are regularly away from their desk – either somewhere else on site or out of the office the SVM can keep them in contact wherever they are. Calls can be programmed to transfer directly to an alternative destination such as a different extension in the system or to another office, home or mobile number so you’re always in touch.

Samsung Voicemail Overview
The Samsung SVM provides a cost effective call processing solution for busy working environments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Easy to use and manage, the SVM can help your business reduce the number of missed or dropped calls, increase efficiency and improve the levels of customer service you provide.

Administrator reports also allow you to view how effectively your investment is being utilised. For example SVM can report how many messages each user has taken, or how many times an individual Auto Attendant option is chosen. The SVMi8 solution offers all the facilities of the other SVM family members plus a number of additional benefits. For more information on the SVMi8 please refer to the separate SVMi8 fact sheet.

Key Voicemail System Features:

  1. Answer machine emulation
  2. Call Record
  3. Internal Reply and External Callback
  4. Group messaging
  5. Message redirection
  6. Date and time stamping
  7. Message notification methods – Message waiting lamps – Dial tone – Keyphone LCD screen

Key Auto Attendant Features:

  1. Single digit dialing and destination access
  2. Customisable for different time periods
  3. Operator assistance always available
  4. Playback control – Pause – Rewind – Fast forward – Save – Delete
  5. Administrator Usage Reports
  6. Easy-to-programme menu
  7. Administrator Usage Reports

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