Samsung OfficeServ 7100

Samsung Officeserv 7100

The Samsung OfficeServ 7100 is the new entry-level OfficeServ platform which, together with the OS 7200 and OS 7400, completes the OS 7000 family.

The Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series hybrid communications platform provides a traditional or IP-based wired and wireless solution for voice and data communication. Businesses can deploy OfficeServ 7000 systems to build sophisticated telephony applications, secure data communications infrastructure and policy-driven networks.

The OfficeServ 7100 entry-level system is designed specifically for the small to medium sized company, supporting up to 32 extensions and a maximum of 30 trunk lines with either analogue or digital connections. It is highly configurable and can be tailored to your individual requirements, so that you do not pay for features and functions that you do not require. At the same time the OfficeServ 7100 can be upgraded easily and expanded as business needs change. It is fully compatible with larger systems in the OfficeServ 7000 series, protecting your investment in Samsung solutions.

SIP Trunking
The OfficeServ 7100’s media gateway is integrated into the main processor so the system can also be supplied as an ‘out of the box’ solution for VoIP telephony with IP handsets. As a VoIP solution, OfficeServ 7100 can support SIP trunks and therefore is an ideal telephony system in this class for a SIP trunking solution.

The OfficeServ messaging server is also integrated into the main processor. As well as standard voicemail functionality users can intelligently route callers with different greetings and employ call-routing based on time of day, day of week, CLI and DDI. This means greetings and call routing can be customized for callers, users and groups, making the process more professional and more efficient. Voicemail messages can be converted to email files, allowing users to access all their messages regardless of the original medium used. It also enables users to copy, forward or store messages on their laptop or PC for future reference.

This functionality is part of the overall messaging solution. The auto-attendant can answer multiple calls simultaneously, providing different greetings for different departments. External callers are prompted for the required individual or department, without the need for a receptionist to handle the call. If no extension number is dialled within a specified time, the call is automatically connected to a receptionist or to another specified extension

Personal productivity
The OfficeServ 7100 can be configured with a range of bespoke solutions for computer-telephony integration (CTI), call management and other applications. CTI functionality provides on-screen dialling from MS Outlook and screen popping capability using OS Call, whilst OS Easyset software allows staff to set up their handsets in a simple and straightforward way to make them work most effectively for each user. Our Samsung CMS call management software offers enhanced management information on areas such as call costs and answer times, as well as ability to monitor potential misuse of the system. Multi-site operation Multiple sites can be securely connected over standard internet connections. Using the powerful features of the OfficeServ 7100’s built-in router – including, firewall, VPN, intrusion detection and prevention, encryption and packet shaping – secure inter-site communications for both voice and data are made simple.

OfficeServ 7100 offers location-independence for users, with both mobile and remote teleworking supported by the system. Our IP handsets can be connected to the system via an Internet connection from anywhere in the world giving full feature access and allowing staff to make and receive calls using their office DDI. The OfficeServ 7100 also supports a softphone client application which can be used with mobile data devices such as laptops and PDAs. With the ability to easily connect individuals and groups to the system in any location through an Internet connection, OfficeServ makes home and branch working a simple reality – and also allows informal call centers using remote teleworkers to be established.


The OfficeServ 7100 can be used with Samsung’s extensive range of desktop and mobile handsets, which share a common look and feel for ease of use. Advanced feature keysets are available, as well as Wi-Fi and DECT handsets which enable users to take their extensions with them when away from their desk, so they can work from anywhere in the office.

Components parts

Samsung OfficeServ 7100 8 DLI Digital Station Card
OfficeServ 7100 16 DLI Digital Station Card
OfficeServ 7100 4 BRI Trunk Card 4 x ISDN2e
OfficeServ 7100 8 Circuit Analogue Trunk Cardm
Samsung OfficeServ 7100 COMBO Station Card

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