Samsung OfficeServ 12

…for all organisaions; multiple branch offices or single site


OfficeServ 12 has been designed to provide the full range of advanced communications features for smaller sites. Customers can choose wired or wireless connectivity for business voice and data applications. The system is also ideal for mass deployment at smaller branch offices of larger multi-site organisations, or for service providers seeking to deploy cost effective managed voice solutions. As part of the OfficeServ range, the OfficeServ 12 delivers an impressive range of features and offers users capabilities usually only available for larger sites.

Flexibility and Reliability The OfficeServ 12 allows your business to run smoother and more efficiently with easy to use features such as holding conference calls with colleagues, customers or suppliers at any time, or providing users with built in caller ID at every handset allowing them to know who is calling before they answer the call. Mobile workers can benefit from the comprehensive follow me functionality allowing them to stay in contact with customers wherever they are. In addition, the OfficeServ 12 provides the same range of ergonomic handsets available with other OfficeServ systems so you can customise the solution to each user’s precise needs.

Stylish and Wireless 
OfficeServ 12 offers the choice of a wireless environment. Allowing up to 8 devices to connect either voice or data solutions within its own wireless LAN. Providing a convenient method of accessing the Internet, sending e-mail or making telephone calls while moving around the office. In summary, allowing users to break free from the restrictions of wired communications.

Branching out with IP telephony 
For larger organisations looking at deploying communication solutions in smaller branch offices, the OfficeServ 12 can connect to larger OfficeServ family members allowing businesses to vastly reduce communication costs by passing voice and fax calls over your data network – utilising spare bandwidth on existing data links.

However, OfficeServ IP solutions can offer much more than purely cost benefits. Utilising the Samsung SPnet functionality, remote branch offices can seamlessly connect to other OfficeServ systems within the IP network. With the ability to easily connect individuals and locations to the OfficeServ through any data connection, the OfficeServ 12 makes home, branch and multi-site working a simple reality.

Choice of connectivity 
Flexibility is a key feature of the OfficeServ range; with a simple modular architecture, OfficeServ 12 provides the user with a choice of connectivity.

Three simple questions will help you decide what
options will suit your business needs. 

  1. Will it be ISDN or Analogue exchange lines?
  2. Do we need IP telephony for local users connecting to head office or allowing staff to work remotely?
  3. Do we want to free up our staff with wireless connectivity to our voice and data solutions?

Hot Desking – complete connectivity for roaming staff 
If members of your staff often work from different locations or departments within your office, then hot desk.

Some of OfficeServ 12’s features include:

  • Account code entry
  • Auto Attendant
  • Basic Rate ISDN
  • Call Centre software (CMS)
  • Calling Line Identification (CLI)
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Conference calling
  • DECT (option)
  • Dial by name
  • Direct Dialling Inward (DDI)
  • Directory of names and numbers
  • Traffic reporting (manual and scheduled)
  • Trunk to trunk conference/divert/transfer
  • Distinctive ringing
  • Door entry facility
  • Hot desking
  • Least-cost routing functionality
  • Number to name translation (CLI and DDI)
  • Scratch pad dialing
  • SBus working
  • Text messaging
  • Time of day features
  • Wireless IP connectivity

Digital Extensions 1 + 1 (Add on Module)
Hybrid Extensions 2 Digital or 2 Analogue
Analogue Extensions 5 Analogue
WIP Extensions Maximum of 4
IP Extensions Maximum of 4
Exchange Lines 2 BRI or 4 Analogue
MGI Channels 4
Access Points Maximum of 3

Customer Support

If you require help or advice in choosing any
of the products in our range, please call:

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