Samsung iDCS 500

Samsung iDCS 500

The Samsung IDCS 500 Business Communication Platform

The Samsung iDCS 500 business communication platform is Samsung’s premier communications platform in their elite line of telephony products, is designed to meet the current and future needs of medium to large companies.

The IP-enabled Samsung iDCS 500 is the platform for Samsung’s new OfficeServ Suite of Applications including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Keysets, both local and remote, and IP networking. These applications provide significant cost savings in fax and call charges and offer unmatched flexibility to support remote locations.

Samsung’s OfficeServ Applications help your business run smoothly and ease the administrative complexity of other telephone systems. The Samsung iDCS 500 provides full support for Samsung’s E-Mail Gateway and OfficeServ Wireless, a wireless mobility solution that meets your company’s mobility needs and keeps your employees in touch.

IP-enable your business today by unleashing the power and flexibility of the iDCS 500. OfficeServ IP Keysets and IP networking, coupled with the integrated feature-rich solutions provided by the Samsung iDCS 500, provide business solutions that keep your customers satisfied and your company running efficiently.

System Specifications
Keysets and AOMs 360
Single Line Telephones 360
ITP Keysets 240 240
CO/Centrex/PBX Lines (Loop Start) 352
PRIM. Digital Trunk Circuits 216
VoIP Channels 240
Total Number of Circuits in System Cannot Exceed 488

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