Samsung iDCS 100

Samsung iDCS 100

The Samsung IDCS 100 Business Communication Platform

The Samsung iDCS 100 business telephone system is as easy to use as it is efficient. Samsung’s single cabinet design is configured as a basic Key System Unit, and you can add either one of two expansion cabinets as your business needs require. Available in standard and IP-enabled, configurations, the iDCS 100’s cutting edge networking capabilities Link remote Locations into the main site as a part of an integrated system. Best of all, the iDCS 100 protects your initial investment by allowing you to reuse existing Samsung equipment and phones as your business grows.

Fully featured with capabilities typically found in Large business systems, the iDCS 100 can support Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) trunking, Primary Rate Interface (PRI), Caller ID, Tenant Services, and so much more. The Samsung SVMi voice processing platform adds advanced voicemail and Auto Attendant capabilities. Add the iDCS mobility solution to free employees from their desks or take advantage of the many OfficeServ Applications, such as E-Mail Gateway that keeps in touch from wherever you can receive email.

Simply put the Samsung iDCS 100 offers power and control without sacrificing the freedom and flexibility your company requires. So powerful, it’s unlike any telephone system you have ever used before.

System Specification
SAMSUNG IDCS 100 Without SVMi Voicemail With SVMi Voicemail
Keysets and AOMs 56 48
Single Line Telephones 42 34
CO/Centrex/PBX Lines (Loop Start) 36 36
BRI Circuits (Channels) 24 24
E & M Trunks 12 12
SVMi-8 Voice Mail Ports 0 8
SVMi-4 Voice Mail Ports 0 4
PRI/11 (Digital Trunk) 1 1
VoIP Channels (Trunking) 8 8


NOTE: These numbers indicate maximum of each device type. In no case can the system exceed a combined total of 88 devices listed above.

Samsung IDCS 100 Components parts

iDCS100 Main Cabinet
iDCS100 Power Supply
iDCS100 TEPRI ISDN30e Card
iDCS100 8 DLI Digital Station Card
iDCS100 2 BRI Trunk Card 2 x ISDN2e
iDCS100I 4 BRI Trunk Card 4 x ISDN2e
iDCS100 3 Circuit Analogue Trunk Card
iDCS100 6 Circuit Analogue Trunk Card


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