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Samsung Technical Questions and Answers

When putting a name on a DS5007 handset if the letter is on the same key how do I get to the next letter?

We have an OfficeServ 7200, when a call is ringing in you get the CLI of the person that calls you but when you answer the call the number goes and the timer shows, can we leave the number on the display and not the timer?

We have a Samsung OfficeServ 7200 and when the main number rings it rings 12 extensions in a group when you are on the phone and another call comes in you get the call waiting blips on the phone can this be removed.

We have a Samsung DS5038S display handset with peoples extensions set up on the buttons can we change these ourselves?

How do I change the time on our Samsung 7100?

We have two Samsung systems installed an OfficeServ 7200 at the main site and an OfficeServ 7100 at another. The OfficeServ 7100 has the CLI information displayed on a standard 2-wire phone but not the main office. How do we turn this on?

How do I change the ring tone on my Samsung DS5014 phone?

We have a Samsung system with DS-5007s handsets can we download ringtones for the phones?

We have a Samsung IDCS 100 with the old style 12 key display handsets can we just upgrade the to the new DS-5000 range?

How do use a Headset with the Samsung 5000 range phones?

Is there any way we can transfer a call directly into someone’s mail box without their phone ringing and following the call forward timers?

How do you pick up a call held at another extension, we have a Samsung 7100?

We have a Samsung 7200 can we send out different CLI per extensions?

How do I programme a speed dial key on my 7 button display phone?

How do I program speed dials for everyone to use?

How do we set up a conference Call on the Samsung 7100?

An engineer has told me about a software package called IT tool where can I get the software from?

I have a Samsung DS-5007 handset that has a flashing Red LED on the top by the display, but I’ve got no voicemails, I’ve tried unplugging the phone but it always comes back please help?

When someone dials in their number displays on the LCD even though we have the name and number in the speed dial list how do we get the name to come up?

We have a OfficeServ 7200 and we are going to re-patch and move our extensions over the weekend is there an easy way to tell what phones are connected where?

We have a Samsung 7100 and all the information we have shows that each handset has 50 speed (00-49) dials but we only have 10 (00 -09) how do we get more?


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