Telephone Systems for Small Business

All businesses whether small or large require an effective telephone communication system.
The right telephone system can allow small businesses and startups to have the same communication capabilities as larger businesses.


Why do small businesses need an effective telephone system?

  • Communication is vital in a smaller business, as client retention is crucial.
  • Less phones overall so the handsets used may have to do more than just standard calling.
  • Phone lines may be limited so the system has to adapt to the environment.
  • Businesses expand, so a system that has the potential to expand alongside the business is ideal.


The benefits of upgrading a SME’s current telephone system

  • Easy expansion – adding more employees is a simple process rather than having to change the existing system.
  • Advanced features – conference calling, caller ID, call forwarding and additional features are valuable within a small business setting as it allows employees to work more efficiently.
  • Heightened security for employees – call recording and call screening features can be enabled to promote training and development as well as adding an extra layer of employee protection.


Challenges small businesses may face when upgrading or installing a new telephone system:

  • Costs – small businesses need to keep a close eye on costs so may be thinking a new phone system is not an urgent requirement.
  • Ever-changing – As small businesses often expand and shrink in size, they are cautious about investing in a system that might not offer full flexibility.
  • Black outs – when changing and installing a new system, there could be a prolonged period of time when the phone lines are down, however our systems at PRP Telecom are built to considerably reduce that downtime.


Why choose a PRP Telecom Phone System?

At PRP Telecom, we can help you overcome the challenges your small business may face with our simple yet integrate and cost effective telephone system solutions.

Key Benefits include:

  • Future Proofing – Our systems are flexible and adapt to different environments and situations such as up scaling or downscaling your business.
  • Low Running Costs – If choosing a VoIP system, costs can be significantly less than a standard telephone system. If not, some of our systems have implemented centralised cost tracking and department billing so you can stay on top of all expenditure.
  • Support and Maintenance – At PRP Telecom, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke maintenance and support contracts to all our customers to suit their exact needs.