Telephone Systems for Hotels

In a hotel environment; communication between the customer and reception staff is essential, especially as each hotel room comes with a telephone as standard.

A good telephone system, which is installed in a hotel, can help with the demands of customers calling from room to room


Why do hotels need an effective telephone system?

  • Cross-departmental communication – Customers to clerical staff, clerical staff to other hotel staff. These phone lines should not be mixed and will require a more complex system than a standard telephone system.
  • Safeguarding – Call recording and call tracking is important for staff and customer protection. With data being able to be transferred to authorities to access and take further action if needed.
  • Simplicity – Different handsets with different levels of complexity; e.g. handsets in hotel rooms should be very simple so customers can use them easily, whereas reception/clerical handsets should have more advanced features and be more complex overall.


Benefits of upgrading your telephone system

  • Increased revenue – A flawless phone system without a hitch can lead to guests paying more for services and telling peers about the good hotel experience, in turn leading to an increase of revenue.
  • Lower costs – A VoIP system is known to reduce costs, as it is cheaper to make calls than a traditional landline phone. As a hotel gets high volumes of calls from guests and staff, a VoIP system would provide a flexible cost saving solution.
  • New features – The latest telephone systems include hold music, conference calls, auto attendant, call hold and forwarding, etc. which is useful in a hotel environment as it enhances productivity for staff and reduces labor costs.


The challenges hotels face when upgrading to a new telephone system

  • Cost – If a small hotel rather than a chain hotel company, costs are more focused on and controlled, therefore a new phone system may be classed as ‘nice to have’ rather than a critical business need.
  • Complexity and Support – Some hotels may be reluctant to upgrade due to unsuitability or lack of support when upgrading previous systems. PRP Telecom ensures full training of all systems and handsets as well as on-going support if anything were to happen with the system in the future.


Why choose a PRP Telecom Phone System for your Hotel?

Here at PRP Telecom we can help you overcome the challenges your hotel business experiences by offering an effective yet cost efficient telephone system solution. 

Key benefits include:

  • Support and maintenance contracts – We offer bespoke maintenance contracts to suit any type and size of hotel.
  • Smooth installation – Our system design consultants and project managers will evaluate and recommend solutions specifically tailored to your individual business needs.
  • Future proofing – Our systems are flexible allowing room for growth and the option of adding further solutions as your needs evolve.