Telephone Systems for Call Centres

When the phone is what’s being relied upon to deliver leads, having the right equipment and systems is business critical. From integrating with your chosen software through to data tracking and reduced time between calls, the quality and efficiency of a telephone system within a call centre environment has a huge impact on a businesses’ bottom line.


Choosing the right system

In order to operate efficiently and deliver a prompt service to customers, telephone systems for call centres need to deliver:

  • Capacity Handling – The handsets need to be able to handle a large volume of calls at one time and minimise waiting times for incoming calls.
  • Call Quality – Audio quality is essential when you’re relying on the telephone to get your key message across.
  • Intelligent Call Routing – In a small call centre, any incoming calls may be handled by any agent who is free. In larger more complex businesses however, routing will ensure that calls are directed to the most appropriate member of the team.
  • Safety and Performance – Call recording and tracking for staff safety and training.
  • Advanced Features; voicemail, transfers, VoIP, etc. to make daily tasks a breeze and hassle free.


The benefits of call centres upgrading their telephone system

  • Ability to take inbound as well as outbound calls.
  • Allows more than one method of contact; voicemail, fax, etc.
  • VoIP systems allow callers to make cheap calls.
  • Some systems allow users to link together more than one site in a single unit, in turn simplifying the logistics of running a call centre.
  • The new system adds reliability and advanced features such as Do Not Disturb function, connecting headsets easily and conference call setup.


The common challenges call centres face when upgrading to a new telephone system

  • Employers are worried about data loss in-transfer to the new system, and the time it will take to get the data back.
  • Used to the old system – the idea of having to re-train staff due to new features and processes that come with the system is not appealing to employers.
  • Costs – to upgrade or reinstall a whole new telephone system that can in some cases include installing new handsets, as the current handsets are too old.
  • Black out – When installing a new system there will be a time when no calls can be made or received due to the switchover, this in turn can lead to loss of profit. A PRP Telecom however, we ensure that this downtime is minimal.


Why choose a PRP Telecom Telephone System?

Here at PRP Telecom, we can help you to overcome those challenges faced in a call centre environment with a simple to integrate and cost effective telephone system solution.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduced running costs – some of our systems have implemented centralised cost tracking, security alerts and department billing. And if choosing a VoIP system costs can be even less than a standard telephone system.
  • Future proofing – Our systems are very flexible and can help lay foundations for future growth whether that being expanding the business internally or even relocating to a newer/bigger department.
  • Seamless Installation – We specialise in the installation of Samsung Business Telephone Systems and VoIP solutions, with our system design consultants and project managers being on hand to evaluate and recommend solutions which are specifically tailored to your individual call centre needs.
  • Support and Maintenance – we offer a range of maintenance contracts to suit your needs; whether that is a standard 9 to 5 Monday to Friday contract or something more bespoke, we can provide a telephone system maintenance contract to suit your needs.