Specialist Office IT Networking Solutions

PRP Telecom can facilitate a large range of Network Services to suit your business, to increase cost savings and improve resilience and reliability.

Range of Products:

  1. ISDN lines
  2. Analogue lines
  3. Low Cost Routing and Carrier Pre Select
  4. Broadband
  5. 0800, 0845 0870 Non-geographic Services
  6. Mobile Communications
  7. Private and Virtual Private Circuits

We can provide a comprehensive billing platform will a unified billing solution for all call types and also provide least cost routing and extension/ department analysis.

We achieve this by managing the outbound call routing, using a combination of Tier 1 carriers such as BT, Telstra or MCI Worldcom. Destinations that are no cheaper would remain with BT but would be charged on a single consolidated bill.

As well as lower call charges, this would provide the 
following additional benefits:

  1. Additional resilience through diverse routing via a blend of different carriers
  2. Improved billing management information
  3. Internet billing
  4. Data services

Local Loop

We work with BT accredited Partners – Telstra – who are able to manage all aspects of service provision.

This means that we can manage the rental on all your existing BT Analogue or ISDN lines and provide a single billing solution.

Management Reporting and billing

Managed Network Services offers excellent management reporting, which comes free as part of the monthly telephone bill. Each customer would normally receive the following reports:

  1. Local call analysis
  2. National call analysis
  3. Mobile call analysis
  4. International call analysis
  5. 30 most expensive calls
  6. 30 most frequently dialed numbers
  7. 30 longest duration calls
  8. Extension analysis
  9. Department Analysis
  10. Complete itemised call list (csv format)

Customer Support

If you require help or advice in choosing any
of the products in our range, please call:

0845 88 88 698