High Speed LAN and WAN Voice and Data Cabling Installations

PRP Telecoms network cabling installation teamsĀ specialiseĀ in provision of High Speed Multi Layer Voice/Data Solutions over both LAN/WAN environments.

Today, even the most basic office IT functions requires increasingly High Bandwidth technologies. It is essential therefore that the corporate IT infrastructure is designed and implemented to cope with both current and future requirements, with serious consideration paid to the security of the network.

PRP use fully qualified cabling installation technicians to evaluate and recommend solutions specifically tailored to customer requirements. We utilise only high quality branded products in our designs. Only the solution that best fulfils the current and planned future use of the network will be provided, ensuring a reliable and cost efficient solution.

We offer a broad range of network design & cable installing services:

  1. Network Design
  2. Project Management
  3. Consultancy
  4. Provision and configuration of Active Equipment
  5. Telecommunications Installation and Integration
  6. Design & Provision of relevant WAN links
  7. VPN & network security
  8. Category 5E cabling installation
  9. Category 6 cabling installation
  10. Fibre Optic Cabling installation
  11. Wireless networking installation
  12. Network management
  13. Testing, Commissioning and Documentation of existing/new network

The implementation of these services range from design and provision of small office IT functions with remote access, through to multi site, wide area network design and installation, linking multiple users over a the supplied backbone incorporating all of the latest and relevant technologies.


Customer Support

If you require help or advice in choosing any
of the products in our range, please call:

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