How do use a Headset with the Samsung 5000 range phones?

This depends on how you want to us the headset if you just have headset with a bottom cable (Plantronics U10P cable) or with something like the Plantronics By Way Switch.

If you just have the bottom cable you will need to unplug your existing hand piece and plug the headset in to the phone, you will then need to put the phone into headset mode

In headset mode, you answer or end a call by pressing the [Speaker] button.

Enabling a Headset on Samsung 5000 handsets

1. Press the [Transfer] button.
2. Press [1][1][0].
3. To use the handset, press [0] [2] [0] To use the headset, press [0] [2] [1]
4. Save the selected entry by pressing the [Transfer] button.

NB: If your phone has a headset mode on/off button, press this button. The button’s LED will light when headset mode is set. Press again to return to handset mode. The LED goes off.

You can program a fixed button using program 722 if you have admin privileges.
If you have a By Way switch you connect both the headset and the handset to the By Way Switch and uses the button on the front of the switch to toggle between the two.


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