How do I programme a speed dial key on my 7 button display phone?

Your station can be assigned up to fifty speed dial numbers (00-49). You will need to ask the system administrator how many are assigned for you.

To program personal speed dial numbers:

1. Press the [Transfer] button and dial [1] [0] [5].
2. Dial the speed dial number (00-49), or use the [Volume] buttons to select and press the right soft button.
3. If programming an outside number, enter the outside line access code or line number (e.g. ‘9’, ‘702’, etc). A hyphen (“-“) is automatically entered after the number.
4. Enter the phone number to be saved (maximum of 24 digits)
5. Press the [Transfer] button to save the number and exit.

To Dial your Personal Speed Dials

1. Press the programmed [SPD] button or dial [1][6].
2. Dial the speed dial number programmed for the number you want to call (e.g. 00) The number is dialled automatically.

TIP: Alternatively, to dial one of your first 10 personal speed dial numbers: Without lifting the handset, hold down a dial pad button 0–9 corresponding to the speed dial number (00–09) for approximately two seconds. The telephone number programmed in the personal speed dial location will be dialled automatically.

7 Button Display Phone Programming Guide


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