How do I program speed dials for everyone to use?

You can programme system speed dials for everyone to use but you will need system admin privileges.

Steps to programming speed dials

1. Enter system admin programming
2. Enter the system speed dial program by dialing [7] [0] [5]
3. Dial the speed dial number required (e.g. 505) OR press [volume] button to select
4. Once you have the right speed dial number press the right soft key (under the display) to move the cursor under the numbers
5. Enter the line access code (e.g., 9 – the system automatically inserts a dash) followed by the phone number (up to 18 digits long).
6. Press the right soft key to return to the speed dial number to change or add more numbers
7. Press [Transfer] to save and exit

For example if you have programmed speed dial 500, from any extension you will able to dial [Speed Dial] and [5] [0] [0] and it will dial the stored number

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