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Samsung Phone System Handsets: DS5007 DS5014 DS5038 DS5021

Samsung Phone System Handsets: DS5007 DS5014 DS5038 DS5021

The Samsung handset range offers a wide variety of easy-to-use, ergonomic terminals, suitable for use with Samsung communications solutions.

Each handset is designed to maximise the benefits of the system and give each user the appropriate feature set and access levels for their needs, whether that is a simple telephone, headset, portable terminal or a fully featured handset with LCD display and programmable functions.

Selected Samsung handset range are available in either digital or IP-enabled configuration, providing exactly the same features and functionality to the user whether they are connected as traditional keysets, as IP devices on the network infrastructure or remotely via external data connection, such as DSL.

Innovation on the desktop

By integrating Samsung’s state-of-the-art communications technology into the 5000 Series handsets, your desktop can now become a multi-functioning, converged workstation. With the application of digital and IP technologies Samsung can truly unite communications within any organisation across LANs, WANs and the Internet with shared features and functionality and a common look and feel to the terminal in every user’s hands.

Simple and stylish connections

Samsung 5000 Series display handsets feature a 48 character, 2 line scrollable LCD screen to display call and integral system information with context sensitive keys to help users navigate effortlessly through your chosen system’s features. Display handsets also incorporate programmable, soft keys with tri-coloured LED status indicators that can be used for speed dialing, one-touch feature keys and traditional ‘lamp and key’ working. Optional add-on modules can also be assigned to compatible handsets to provide 64 additional soft keys. Samsung also provides standard digital and analogue handsets that are a cost-effective alternative for staff who do not require the use of an LCD display, ensuring everyone has their own point of contact and individual extension.

Freedom to Roam

Samsung Mobility Solutions can take your communications beyond the confines of the office environment. Enabling users to take their workstation wherever they want to go, Samsung offers your staff complete freedom to work anywhere and still be in total control of their voice and data communications. Samsung Mobility Solutions can vastly improve working efficiency and reduce ongoing communication costs, for example in multi-site, warehousing and hot-desking environments or where mobile phones are regularly used in the office.

The Samsung 5000 handset series provide access to a host of features:

  1. Context sensitive keys
    The integral LCD display of Samsung 5000 series handsets allows users to fully benefit from the power of the system, using the context sensitive keys. The text on the LCD display shows exactly which functions are available, dependent upon the status of the call you are currently handling. For example if a call is on hold or being transferred to another extension, the display shows the options which are available. When making a call, the system’s integral telephone directory also allows you to scroll to the required name, and by using the soft keys, automatically dial the number.
  2. Add-on module
    The 5000 series add-on module increases the capability of compatible keyphones. The 64 additional buttons on each module can be used as programmable, speed dial or feature keys, making it an ideal solution for receptionists and call centre staff.
  3. Coloured light indication
    The tri-coloured LED lights allow you to track calls being made on the system, both from your own handset and from others. Green indicates your calls, red indicates other system calls, while amber shows recalls.
  4. Appointment reminder
    Handsets programmed with an alarm key can be used to remind you of meetings and appointments, with display phones also capable of showing a programmed message when the alarm rings.
  5. Directory dialling
    Display handsets allow the user to view, store and dial frequently used numbers, programmed into the system. These directories can be shared between system users, or held within your own personal phone book.
  6. Redialling
    Three types of redialling are available:
    1. auto retry reserves an outside line, automatically redialling the required number up to the pre-programmed limit (network dependent).
    2. last number redial saves the last dialled number for trying again using the redial button.
    3. save number stores the dialled number for recall after other calls have been made.
  1. Call forwarding 
    Handsets can be programmed so that if your extension is engaged or you are not available, calls are forwarded to another destination, either internal or external, including a mobile or home number.
  1. Call pick up
    Using the call pick up facility, it is possible to programme the system so that users are able to answer each other’s calls – ideal for open plan offices or group working.
  2. Headsets – hands free working
    Samsung’s handset range is also compatible with industry standard headsets, making them an ideal solution for receptionists or call centre working.

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