Find a list of Samsung DS-5014s programmable buttons here.

On the Samsung DS-5014s you have a number of buttons that may be programmed for one touch operation of frequently-used features.

The soft key must already be assigned by your system administrator or installing engineer, but once set you can then change the extenders allowing you to change the functionality as and when required.

Through the handset you can change or view some station key assignments and add extenders to some of the programmable keys for easy one-touch operation.

An extender is a number that makes an otherwise general soft key very specific.

For example adding the digit 4 to a PAGE key defines this key for paging zone four. Adding

205 to a DP (direct Pickup) key defines this key as pickup for extension 205 only.

You can assign extenders to the following keys:

KEY                  FUNCTION                              EXTENDER

BOSS               Boss and Secretary                 1-4

DIR                  Directory                                  PERS(1), SYS(2), or STN(3)

DP                   Direct Pickup                           Station / Station Group no.

DS                   Direct Station Select               Station/Station group no.

FWRD             Call Forward                             0-5

GPIK               Group Pick-Up                         01 onwards depending on System

IG                    In/Out of Group                      500 onwards depending on System

MMPG           Meet Me Page                          0-4, 5, ✱ depending on System

PAGE             Page                                           0-4, 5, ✱ depending on System

PMSG            Programmed Message           01-20

SP UCD         Supervise UCD                        Group no.

SPD               Speed Dial                                00-49, 500-799 depending on System

VT                  Voice Mail Transfer                VM/AA group no.

To change DS (Direct Station) buttons through the handsets

  • From your handset press the [Transfer key] and dial 107
  • Press the DS button you wish to change Enter the new extension number
  • Press the [Transfer key] to save & exit programming.