Our guide on Samsung DS-5014s message setting.

You can set a message display on your Samsung DS-5014s phone to inform internal callers of your absence (for example “In a Meeting”). The message also displays on your phone’s LCD panel.

Some standard messages are already set in the system, and you can create your own if you wish.

Viewing and Selecting a Programmed Message

  • To view and select a set message:
  • Press the [Transfer] button and dial [1][1][5].
  • Use the [Volume] buttons to scroll through the programmed messages.
  • Press the [Transfer] button to select your message.

It will then display on your LCD panel.

Selecting a Programmed Message Using Code Numbers

Dial [4][8] and dial the desired message number 00-20.

Creating Your Own Message

Personalised messages can be programmed usually using codes 11 to 15. To create a personalised message on your phone:

  • Press the [Transfer] button and dial [1][1][5].
  • Dial a code number usually 11 to 15

Enter your message (up to 16 characters see Entering Characters below)

  • Press the [Transfer] button to set your message

Entering Characters

Names are written using the number keys. Each press of a key selects a character, as shown on the selected key. Pressing a different key moves the cursor to the right. For example, you want to enter the name “SAM SMITH.” The first letter “S” is selected by pressing the dial key number 7 four times (i.e. the first key press selects “P”, the second selects “Q”, etc). Then press the number 2. This moves the cursor and selects the letter “A.”

When the next character you want appears on the same key as the character you have just entered press the volume UP key to move the cursor to the right and then select the next character.

A space is inserted by pressing the number 1 button

Cancelling a Programmed Message

  • To cancel a message
  • Dial [4][8] then [0][0] to cancel the message.

Your LCD display returns to normal.