Our guide on the Samsung DS-5014s Caller ID feature and how to enable it.

Caller ID is a function of the network line provider not the Samsung telephone system.

If caller ID is presented to the telephone system, in default the will display the incoming telephone number.

The exception to this is if you are using analogue lines with Caller ID. In this instance the feature would need to be enabled and the trunks changed from normal to be CID trunks which can be changed on a per port basis in MMC425 (Caller ID on Analogue lines is only available on certain systems with certain software levels please contact us to check)

Once you have the number displayed on the handset you can then translate the numbers into names using the CLI translation table

To change or add CLI translation numbers & names through the Samsung handset

  • From any handset press the Transfer key and dial 200, the display will show ENABLE CUS. PROG. & PASSCODE :
  • Enter customer passcode which in default is 1234
  • Press 1 to ENABLE CUS. PROG, then press the Speaker Key
  • Enter the system CLI Translation table programme by dialling 728
  • Dial the entry number required (e.g. 0001) OR press volume UP or DOWN to make your selection, once you have the right entry number press the right soft key (under the display) to move the cursor over.
  • Enter the Telephone number and press the right soft key to advance to Name entry
  • Names are written using the number keys. Each press of a key selects a character, as shown on the selected key. Pressing a different key moves the cursor to the right. For example, you want to enter the name “SAM SMITH.” The first letter “S” is selected by pressing the dial key number 7 four times (i.e. the first key press selects “P”, the second selects “Q”, etc). Then press the number 2. This moves the cursor and selects the letter “A.”
  • When the next character you want appears on the same key as the character you have just entered press the volume UP key to move the cursor to the right and then select the next character.
  • A space is inserted by pressing the number 1 button
  • Once you have finished entering the CLI names press the transfer key to save & exit programming.